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Pricing for a Big Data World

Increase Margins & Conversions

Each person that visits your e-commerce store is different, they view your product differently and, therefore, they are each going to have different price sensitivities.


An individual's price sensitivity will ultimately determine the price at which they will purchase your product.  

With Probability Pricing, you can charge higher prices to customers who are not as price sensitive, thereby improving margins.


At the same time, you can provide deeper discounts to other customers who are more price sensitive, thereby increasing conversions. ​

It is time to retire the fixed, one-size-fits-all approach to pricing your products. It's time to try Probability Pricing.
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Neutralize Comparative Pricing Algorithms

There she is, lying awake at 3 AM –  seamlessly, effortlessly, ruthlessly –  comparing the price of your product to those on numerous other websites. It could be a price difference of a couple of dollars – or perhaps a couple of cents – that determines whether you win or lose the sale.

We all know that an online shopper has numerous tools at their disposal, allowing them to compare prices with increasing speed and efficiency.


What you may not know is that your e-commerce competitors, like Amazon, are deploying advanced algorithms to scrape the internet for product pricing, allowing them to undercut your prices. The result is lost sales for you. 

With Probability Pricing, your competitors are blind. Amazon cannot see the variable prices being displayed to your customer, it cannot see how many times your customer played, and it cannot see the final price that got you the sale. 


Studies have shown that the more time your customer invests in playing the game, the more they will want your product.


Outsmart your competitors, and take back the night, with Probability Pricing. 

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Unlock the Data!

Probability Pricing will unlock a treasure trove of data that will help you understand your customers' needs and interests – at a individualized level.

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