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Prices on a diet!

Patented “dynamic savings” pricing technology gives consumers 5% to 75% off ecommerce purchases

Skinnyprice will change how you think about pricing

Introducing the first pricing innovation in 500 years. Pricing 2.0 is here!

For Consumers

Makes shopping an adrenaline rush by providing consumers with variable pricing. Shoppers perform an action, like watching a short advertisement, and are rewarded with variable savings of up to 75% off.

For Ecommerce

Creates an unfair pricing advantage over competitors. Obscure your prices while providing your consumers with the lowest prices available anywhere. Best of all, there's no impact to your margins. Really.

For Advertisers

Gain a high volume of actively engaged users with validated impressions. Our verification technology not only ensures your ad is displayed but that your audience actually views and engages with your content.

How does it work?

Skinnyprice works with any ecommerce website, and shoppers love it

1. Click Button

Shoppers click the “Skinnyprice” button next to the standard Add to cart button.

2. Watch Ad

Shoppers watch a brief advertisement. Just like a commercial break, only a whole lot shorter.

3. Answer Question

Shoppers answer a simple verification question so we know they really, truly did watch the ad.

4. Unlock Savings

Shoppers unlock a great discount. They can decide to accept the new price or pass and try again.


Consumers Win!


For Ecommerce Partners

For Advertising Partners

Ecommerce's Competitive Advantage

  • Get an unfair pricing advantage
  • Hide your prices from your competitors
  • Legally get around M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Pricing)
  • Makes price comparison sites obsolete
  • Discover price sensitivity point for each customer
  • Make shopping exciting, addictive, and fun for consumers and get them coming back.

Advertiser's Competitive Advantages

  • Large number of actively engaged users
  • Brand safe (no political, religious, or adult sites here)
  • Proprietary verified video view technology allows you to only pay for complete and verified views
  • Selectable demographics for highly targeted campaigns
  • Ability to ask survey and lead generation questions to targeted groups

Introducing Skinnyprice Local

Our new local.skinnyprice.com site is a variable discount marketplace where potential customers come to discover local establishments in their area and try their luck at variable discounting.

Just like our e-commerce offering, once potential customers find an offer they are interested in they will view a brief ad, answer a verification question, and are then rewarded with a variable discount redeemable at your local business.

Click here to learn more about Skinnyprice Local or contact us to see how you can add your business.

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